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I have joined the NYMO team since 2012 as a small group leader and dance workshop facilitator on lux Catholic retreat weekends for young people. Here are some highlights:

lux.Vox, 2020

The theme 'Vox' - Latin for voice - focused on the word of God in scripture. In England and Wales, 2020 was the year called ‘The God Who Speaks’.


lux.Gold, 2019

The theme 'Gold' encouraged us to train, practice and develop our gift of faith.

lux.BE, 2018

The theme 'Be' focused on the time taken to rest with Jesus, allowing space to truly listen and hear His calling for each of us.

My dance workshop focused on the young people 'Being' themselves and showcasing their expression of themselves through dance. Inspiration came from the track 'The Greatest' by Sia, alongside solo movement contribution from the young people, choreographed through creative tasks. The group were then brave enough to perform which was a fantastic opportunity to share and gain confidence in 'Being' them.

lux.Mirth, 2017

The theme 'Mirth' focused on a true joy rooted in Christ.

My dance workshop offered a short choreography to be highly physical and adrenalin-pumping but ultimately enjoyable, to create an environment that touched the surface of the joy the weekend had been exploring.