• lux.Be 

Hannah joined the NYMO team as a small group leader and dance workshop facilitator for lux.Be in February 2018.

The theme 'Be' focused on the time taken to rest with Jesus, allowing space to truly listen and hear His calling for each of us.

There was exploration and discussion about the notion of this being a vocation (in line with the Synod 2018 on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment), a quality of character and recognition of the positive impact one can have throughout all ventures from deeper understanding of oneself through Jesus.

With this in mind; for the dance workshop Hannah focused on the young people 'Being' themselves and showcasing their expression of themselves through dance. Inspiration came from the track 'The Greatest' by Sia, alongside solo movement contribution from the young people, choreographed through creative tasks. The workshop group were then given the chance to perform for all at the residential weekend later in the day, which was a fantastic opportunity to share and gain confidence in 'Being' them.