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Image: Tom Willmott 

Image: Willie Robb

 I have taught and assisted dance for people of all ages and abilities, from early years to older adults, in varying styles of dance - Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Ballroom and Latin. Teaching allows me to connect with many different people in all sorts of environments - primary, secondary schools and colleges as well as dance schools and community settings. Each group of people and each session offers a rewarding sense of energy, creativity and sharing through dance.


My teaching focus is finding balance between strength in release technique and creativity through improvisational tasks. This lends itself to sharing my knowledge and expertise in movement, musicality and physicality, as well as offering space for personal expression and creative contribution from participants. I facilitate workshops mainly in contemporary dance, with creative elements depending on your needs and interests as a group.

Representing other organisations; I teach A-MUSE Family Dance Workshops for BEEE Creative (fun, creative dance sessions that engage families with each other and their local museum and heritage), and assist their intergenerational dance project Improvising Generations. I support curriculum teaching through dance, working with FLUX Dance Theatre (dance and STEM sessions), Dance Equation (dance and maths sessions), Springs Dance Company (Christian dance workshops) and I also offer Faith Dance workshops on a freelance basis, in support of the RE curriculum in Catholic schools - see the Faith page for more info.

Whilst working on performance projects, I also lead outreach workshops to support the sharing of the work with wider audiences. Outreach workshops taught include Emily O'Shea Company's Rough & TumbleDance Equation's Dancing Digits Teacher CPD and mapdance repertoire in the UK and Norway.

I am a qualified FitSteps instructor and trained Arts Award adviser in Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver awards. I also teach wedding first dances for All Steps First Dance.

Springs Dance Company (2020 - present) 

Christian dance workshops

Flux Dance Theatre (2019 - present)

Dance and STEM workshops

Dance Equation (2019 - present)

Dance and maths workshops

BEEE Creative (2018 - present)

Family dance workshops

Ascension Dance Company / Arts1 / Attitude School of Dance / Sandringham School (2018 - present) Contemporary workshops for summer school

MK Gallery (2018 - 2020)

Family dance workshops

University of Bedfordshire / Dance East (2018-2020)

Arts Award

CentreStageMK (2018-2020)

Contemporary, Tap and Modern

Kids in Action (2018)

Inclusive dance workshops for young people with varying learning disabilities and difficulties

Culture Plus / Central Bedfordshire Council (2018)

Art and dance workshops

MK OU Dance Group (2015 - 2020)


Temple School of Dance (2014-2015)

Ballet and Tap

NYMO / Life Teen UK (2012 - present)

Faith dance workshops

Get in contact if you have a class/workshop idea you'd like to talk about.


"Hannah proves time and time again to be a generous artist both in her teaching/pedagogy and in her performance quality" 

​• Helen Parlor, MÓTUS •

Credit: Effie McGuire Ward